This book, written by David Ronald Esau, is the founder of Click Track Marketing

raising the digital bar - Small Business Marketing Book


Unlock Daily Floods of NEW Customers: Master the Art of Showing Up in Local Searches on Google and Apple Maps

Learn the 3-step proven framework discussed in this book to grow your new customer base with easy-to-implement digital marketing strategies that WORK without breaking the bank.

Are you ready to grow your business in 2023? Order the book today. 

*A portion of the proceeds go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Boost Your Online Visibility

Get More New Customers

Reclaim Your Life

Have You Been Frustrated By…

Inconsistent sales, not showing up enough online, and losing customers to your competitors? It’s time to learn more about how digital marketing can actually work for your small business with an easy-to-understand and implement 3-step process discussed in this book.

drive new customers

Empty Seats

Fill empty seats and drive new customers to your business every day.

stop wasting your money

Wasting Time & Money

Get your day back and grow your business starting today.
show up in google maps and search results

Not Showing Up In The Search Results

Properly list your business information on multiple directories and boost your ranking.


marketing book for restaurants and bars

Restaurants & Bars

Get found online by more hungry/thirsty customers on Google and Apple Maps already searching for similar places to go.
marketing book for local businesses

Local Businesses

Increase clicks for directions and grow your new customer base, especially if you have a physical location for your business.
marketing book for coffee shops

Coffee Shops

If you don’t show up in the search and map results, potential customers are going to your competitors.

*A portion of the proceeds go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.

Author Testimonials

Raising the Digital Bar will teach you a 3-step process to growing your new customer base…

Get YOUR Business Found on Google

Boosting your online visibility doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. Learn what works for small businesses like yours by ordering our book today!v

Get Your Business to Show Up More Often On Search Results

You have enough on your plate and it’s time to learn more about how to boost your online visibility.

Advertise On A Budget & Build a Website That Converts

Learn affordable digital marketing strategies that work for small businesses without breaking the bank.

Know How To Hire The Right Help For The Right Price

Determine your marketing objectives and screen the right freelancers or companies to help you achieve your goals.


David Ronald Esau

David Esau grew up in a family-owned business and understands how digital marketing can be frustrating, expensive, and time-consuming.

After working at Google for 3 years and testing various marketing methods, David wanted to share his knowledge and write an understandable book with a goal of helping small businesses grow with digital marketing.

Digital Marketing Success is Only Several Pages Away

Raising The Digital Bar

Boost Your Online Visibility

You sit down at your computer, firing up Google to do some research on how to boost your online visibility. The first few results are paid ads, and you scroll right past them. After all, you’re not interested in wasting your money on something that you think you can do yourself.

You keep scrolling until you find an article that looks promising, but as soon as you start reading, you realize that it’s written for people who have a lot of experience with SEO and digital marketing. You bookmark the page and decide to put off learning about online visibility for another day.

A few weeks later, you’re browsing the Internet and see a book called “Raising the Digital Bar for Small Businesses: Generate New Customers Every Day with Digital Marketing Strategies that Work.” The title sounds exactly like what you need, so you order it and start reading as soon as it arrives. The book is written in a clear and easy-to-understand style, and it quickly becomes apparent that the author knows what he’s talking about. He walks you through each step of increasing your online visibility, from creating valuable content to optimizing your website for search engines.

You apply the tips and techniques in the book and watch as your website starts to climb up the search and map rankings. New customers start finding your business online, and before long, you’re generating more revenue than ever before. Thanks to this helpful book, you were able to take control of your online visibility and achieve success!

Take Your Business to the Next Level in 2023!

Growing your business with digital marketing strategies doesn’t have to be difficult or too expensive.

Learn what works for small businesses like yours by ordering the book today!

Raising The Digital Bar marketing book

Step #1 - Read The Book

Understand more about how digital marketing works.
implement marketing strategies for your small business

Step #2 - Implement The Strategies

There are checklists at the end of each chapter with actionable steps.
get new customers online

Step #3 - Get Found Online

Maximize exposure on search results and start generating new customers every day.

Author Testimonials

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Raising The Digital Bar

Raising the Digital Bar teaches small business owners how to increase their search and map visibility driving new customers who are actively looking for similar products and services to their business instead of their competitors.

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